Comments about Reunion Plans

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3 Responses to “Comments about Reunion Plans”

  1. Pat ( Ballo )DeLeonardis Says:

    I love the idea of staying at Lake George-it brings back great memories. I think fall is a good idea but if everyone wants summer that’s okay also. My husband will be coming with me so we would only stay the weekend in Lake George-5 days is too much for us. We’ll want to visit friends and relatives around the Albany area. Keep up the good work on the plans.

  2. Sharon Schmid Says:

    Class of ’61:

    Help the committee out – enter new Pictures & current comments on your life since 1961 alongside your picture on the website.
    We want to know who you are when we see you at the reunion in September!

    Sharon Adams Schmid

  3. Mike Mancuso Says:

    It’s been a long journey from 18 to 68 but it flew by so fast. I loved the journey and the different roads it took and the challenges we encountered. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Delmar and Lake George. Hugs, kisses and regards to everyone. Don’t get to excited Dennis when it comes to hugs and kisses. This is not the time to come out at the 50th.

    Mike Mancuso

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